Stunning Underground Home Ideas

We always believe in bringing ever new ideas and inspirations and stuff that is unique. Today we thought of  bringing you some underground home designs so that you will be able to know how does it feel like to live in a pit that is decorated well. Usually excavators and other heavy equipment is used to dig for underground houses at the time of construction. So, take a look at these wonderful underground homes that will make you awestruck:

1. An Underground Home with a Facade in an Oval Shape

Image via: seARCH

This home has its front elevation in an oval shape. The interior is a mixture of rustic and modern style. Moreover, the home is spacious and receives ample day light.

2. A Home with Views That Take Breath Away

Image via: houzz

Now this home is truly what we call a surprise. Attention to visual details is given and with the use of murals, lights and tiles even this small space is given an illusion of width. We totally love the murals in the bedrooms and the dining space.

3. A Home Named as Magic Mushroom House with a Design Similar to an Interior of a Cave

Image via: NY times

This home is designed more like a cave with the use of natural stones. The furniture is contemporary and it sets really well with the surrounding that is in a total opposite theme.

4. An Underground Home Resembling a Hobbit House

Image via: hgtv

With a home so cute and colorful like this hobbit home who would want to leave it?

5. A Home with a Roof All Covered in Grass and a Large Swimming Pool at The Front

Image via: houzz

This home showcases modern architecture and the roof is all covered in a grassy patch. Also, the front of the house has been given a swimming pool that makes it a perfect retreat.

6. A Sunken House with Glass Walls and Contemporary Decor

Image via: design boom

This home is in a pit and has a design in two triangular peaks covered in grass from top with glass walls and a central courtyard that extends into a pool.

7. A Home with an Outdoor Play Area and White Walls

Image via: erdhaus

This home has its roof with grass and also an adjoining garden with a patio and a play area. The interior is fairly simple with white washed walls and minimalist decor similar to Scandinavian inspired interiors.

8. An Underground House with a Contemporary Garden Design and a Stairway That Leads to the Entry Courtyard with a Small Swimming Pool

Image via: pinterest

This home has a modern garden on its top and a long staircase that is lit and gives access to the entrance of the home that has a pool too.

9. A Shelter Home Built Underground Inside a Large Corrugated Metal Pipe

Basically this home is built as a nuclear shelter underground inside a large pipe of corrugated galvanized metal pipe. It has all basic amenities just like a small apartment.

10. A House Inspired from the Teletubby House

Image via: ideasgn

Remember teletubbies? This house takes its inspiration from their home. Moreover, the interior of this home is colorful as well as practical.